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Improves Energy Saving

Our Key Card Switch acts as the main electrical switch for the room and is operated by the guests’, reducing the amount of time the lights (and/or appliances) are left on. All lighting and heating facilities only become operational once a corresponding card is inserted in to the Key Card Switch, so no needless heating, cooling or lighting of an unoccupied space takes place. When the key card is removed the controlled circuits remain under power for a further 10 seconds to 5 minutes which can be adjusted by the hidden potentiometer under the Cover Plate. This helps ensure a safe exit from the room before the power is turned off.

Combination Plates & Illuminated Modules

In this solution the occupier of the room will have an internal switch, furnished with
etched neon indicator modules that they can switch on or off... ...this will illuminate the corresponding module located outside of the room, making staff aware of your room requirements.

Accessory Plates & Illuminated Blank Modules

Our NEW versatile GridPro® plate feature 1 New Media™ twin euro module aperture with 2 GridPro® apertures that can be populated to perform multiple tasks using a combination of both GridPro® and New Media™ Modules.

Our NEW Modules are ideal for use with the above accessory plate and our laser etching service to create bespoke solutions and are availble in red and green.

Hotel Accessory plate - 2 gang gridpro® frontplate with twin new media™ aperture

Our new accessory plate is available across all of our ranges that combines a Twin Euro Module size Aperture (50mm x 50mm) with 2 x GridPro® Apertures.

GridPro® 250V Transparent Illuminated Blank Module

Both modules are available in the following finishes: